Kulturele Kroegentocht
Kulturele Kroegentocht

The academic year is coming to an end, and what better way to end the year than by crawling to the city center after the endoftheyeahangoverbecue for the kultrual pubkrawl? We don't know either.

The C&M has prepared some lovely kultural games you can play while you consume a nice drink.

Sign up, so you can prove you've already seen which bars we'll visit on this wonderful evening.

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  • Actposter
  • Committee: Cultuur & Muziek
  • Start: Fri 28 Jun 2019, 19:30
  • End: Sat 29 Jun 2019, 04:00
  • Locatie: Utrecht
  • Admission price: Gratis
  • Organizer: A–Eskwadraat
  • Categorie: Fun
  • Poster: Ja