Summer Internship: Software Developer
Summer Internship: Software Developer

(Traineeship for Computer Sciences, Information Science, Physics, Mathematics)

**Are you currently not living in the Netherlands or only temporarily? We will only process your application if you have a permanent work permit. We do this because of the uncertainties and beaurocracy involed in applying for a permanent work permit.

In your spare time you like to make beautiful, technical solutions. You can program and love to use your skills to make your life easier and more fun. Is this you? Discover how much fun you can have working for TOPdesk during the Development summer internship!

What are you going to do as summer intern at Development?

You’ll work on developing a functionality within a TOPdesk module or add-on. Together with a scrum team, you work on a specific project. Your project is then used in future product plans and further developed to be used by all TOPdesk end users!

Before you get started on your project, you’ll have a TOPdesk development bootcamp. After the bootcamp you can lay your hand on some real coding. In two months, you put down a solid foundation for your future. You use your newly found knowledge and discuss with colleagues and coaches about techniques to use or solutions to apply. Senior software developers help you improve the quality of your code through code reviews.

Curious to hear more? Read Shane’s blog to discover how he shaped his summer!

Where will you work?

Well, that’s the best of all! Not that far at all. You can work from your own living room, just like all the other TOPdesk colleagues. Normally we work from the beautiful head office in Delft or the brand new office in Tilburg, but because of COVID-19 we are home-bound. So your job interview, for example, will also take place online. On your first official working day you will of course come to the head office in Delft so you can pick up the necessary things for your home office space and get a glimpse of what the actual office looks like. Depending on the government measures, we can meet physically more often, but unfortunately we cannot make any statements about that at the moment.

You’ll be working with programmers, testers and functional designers together in a multidisciplinary team. Our Development department is – with a hundred colleagues – very international and diverse. How international, you ask? Well, in Kaiserslautern and Budapest we also have development scrum teams who work hard on continuously improving our software.

Are you our Summer Intern?

  • You’re available from July 5 to August 27.
  • You have experience with programming (preferably Java or JavaScript).
  • You’re a team player.
  • You have knowledge on an academic level.

Why you want to work here

  • A gross salary of € 11,78 an hour.
  • An open and informal organizational culture
  • Loads of trainings geared towards your personal development.
  • A paid summer job.
  • Working together with highly educated people.

Want to apply?

Please send your cover letter and resume via the application form. You don’t need you to write a very formal or extensive motivation. What we do want to know from you:

  • Explain what triggered you to apply: was it something in the job or the organization? What made you enthusiastic? We want to know this (and it’s impossible to guess your reasons).
  • Please let us know how you ended up at this vacancy.
  • Let us know if you would like to join the Summer Internship in Delft or Tilburg.


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