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Door het organiseren van activiteiten en het hebben van een gezelligheidskamer brengt A–Eskwadraat studenten en onderwijs dichter bij elkaar. Ontdek wat A–Eskwadraat jou als student te bieden heeft!

A–Eskwadraat organiseert veel activiteiten voor haar leden, mede mogelijk gemaakt door alle commissies die A–Eskwadraat heeft

Lijkt het je ook leuk om activiteiten te organiseren of om A–Eskwadraat te organiseren? Neem dan een kijkje bij onze commissievacatures!

  • Mon 19 Mar 2018, 12:00

    Free pie!

  • Mon 19 Mar 2018, 20:00
    Theater play

    Today is the first performance of the play! You have to see, no, experience it! Do you have a clue what it's about?

  • Tue 20 Mar 2018, 09:00
    National Mathematics Symposium

    The National Mathematics Symposium 2018, themed `Modern World Mathematics', will take place on the 20th of March 2018! 

    On March 20th, you will be welcomed at the Natlab with some coffee and tea around 9.30, after which we will all start with the opening lecture given by Bert Zwart. This lecture will be about the mathematical problems which occur in rare events in power grids, such as failures and blackouts. After this lecture the group will be divided over the first two parallel lectures. One of these lectures will be given by Andreas Hülsing and will be about online privacy in a post-quantum world. The other lecture will be given by Jules Kruijswijk about the multi-armed bandit algorithm. This is an adaptation to the one-armed bandit (aka slotmachines), which aims to maximize your profits at these machines. 

    After these lectures, it is time to have lunch, during which you will have the possibility to visit the stands of companies to get to know more about them. When we have all eaten enough, you can choose between three workshops; Itility will give you a challenge to solve a problem with a given data set and algorithm, Optiver will play a game that will give you insight how mathematical and analytical skills are practically applied in a trading firm, and TNO will let you work on a current, modern day case, where using mathematical knowledge is the key to solving the problem. When the workshops are finished, there will be time to grab a cup of coffee or tea and a snack, before we will go to the last round of lectures.

    First, there will be the second parallel lecture session this time with lectures given by Björn Baumeier and the Belastingdienst. Björn will talk about the challenges of multiscale molecular modeling, and the Belastingdienst will explain the mathematical technics behind money and informationstreams. Note, the talk of the Belastingdienst will be given in Dutch. Following to this parallel session will be the closing lecture, given by Deloitte, which will be about data analytics in machine learning. The day will be concluded with a social drink.

    For more in-depth information about the talks and the speakers, you can go to our website One note to the subscriptions: some lectures have a limit on the amount of people who can follow it, therefore when asked to fill in the subscription form you can give preferences and the subscription is not definite. However ,we will use the first come first serve principle, thus don’t wait too long with subscribing.

  • Tue 20 Mar 2018, 13:00
    Lunch lecture Nedap

    Free lunch and a lecture by Nedap about their livestock management systems.

  • Tue 20 Mar 2018, 17:15
    Thesis course LaTeX

    At the start of your bachelor thesis, you want to focus on the content of your thesis, and not so much on the style. TeXniCie offers a course in which we show you how to effectively make a thesis, without paying a lot of attention to the layout. Using this, you can change the style of the entire thesis at the end, and only care about the content while you're typing. We will recap the placement of figures. 

    And: there are cookies!

  • Tue 20 Mar 2018, 20:00
    Theater play

    Today is the first performance of the play! You have to see, no, experience it! Do you have a clue what it's about?

  • Wed 21 Mar 2018, 20:00
    Theater play

    Today is the first performance of the play! You have to see, no, experience it! Do you have a clue what it's about?

  • Thu 22 Mar 2018, 11:00
    Physics Department Day

    The Department Day is a day organised for everyone within the physics department; students and employees. The program will therefore be very diverse: there will be lectures (in English) held by speakers from the institutes, the Teacher-of-the-Year-awards will be awarded, there will be poster presentations and we will end the day with some drinks and a dinner.

    The Departments Day is organised by the StudentsCounsel Physics and Astronomy (SONS) on behalf of the Department of Physics

  • Thu 22 Mar 2018, 17:00

    Come drink some craftbeers with us!

  • Fri 23 Mar 2018, 13:00
    First years' day

    A day organised by and especially organised for first year students!

  • Sat 24 Mar 2018, 10:00
    Museum visit

    Join the C&M for a day of culture, an outing to the Kröller-Müllermuseum. First an exposition and then we stroll through the sculpture garden. We return to Utrecht CS at approximately 18:00

  • Mon 26 Mar 2018, 17:00
    (Re)creatieve Wiskunde Avond

    Het idee dat wiskunde niet alleen nuttig hoeft te zijn, maar dat je ook leuke wiskunde kan doen puur en alleen omdat het leuk is, is bijna 4000 jaar oud en bedacht door de Babyloniers. Om deze oeroude traditie van het doen van recreatieve wiskunde in stand te houden organiseert de Cie-Infinity maandelijks de (Re)creatieve Wiskundeavond. Een avondje samen onder het genot van een koekje leuke vraagstukken bekijken, van het soort dat je ook krijgt op wedstrijden zoals de (internationale) Wiskunde Olympiade, de MOAWOA of het IMC. Iedereen is welkom en er zijn vraagstukken van ieder niveau! So join the dork side, we have cookies!

  • Tue 27 Mar 2018, 12:45
    WWW'tje: Cum laude

    (This activity is in dutch)

    Deze activiteit is alleen bedoeld voor wiskundestudenten. 

  • Tue 27 Mar 2018, 13:40
    General Assembly 27 March 2018


  • Wed 28 Mar 2018, 17:00
    Dungeons & Dragons

    The FantaCie presents, in cooperation with C.A.R.D.S., Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Thu 29 Mar 2018, 13:30
    Company Visit 2AT

    Company vist to 2AT. This company visit is mandatory for all studytrip participants! We are expected at 13.30pm.

    Address details of 2AT:
    Energieweg 1
    3542 DZ Utrecht


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  • Thomas Nieboer

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