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Door het organiseren van activiteiten en het hebben van een gezelligheidskamer brengt A–Eskwadraat studenten en onderwijs dichter bij elkaar. Ontdek wat A–Eskwadraat jou als student te bieden heeft!

A–Eskwadraat organiseert veel activiteiten voor haar leden, mede mogelijk gemaakt door alle commissies die A–Eskwadraat heeft

Lijkt het je ook leuk om activiteiten te organiseren of om A–Eskwadraat te organiseren? Neem dan een kijkje bij onze commissievacatures!

  • Wed 27 Jan 2021, 14:00
    WCTL: Weekly Coffee-Tea-Leut-Hour (Herhaling)


  • Mon 8 Feb 2021, 11:00
    FanTOSTIc Christmasdinner

    What is a better way to start the DIES-week than with toasties? Cook along with us during this festive online cook-a-long and enjoy three amazing toasties!


    What do you need?


    First course:

    Bread, tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper.


    Second course (non-veggie):

    Bread, butter, mozarella, ham, zucchini and/or aubergine, sticks, salt and pepper.

    Second course (veggie):

    Bread, butter, mozarella, bell pepper, zucchini and/of aubergine, sticks, salt and pepper.



    White bread, 50 grams of milk chocolate and 4 marshmallows.


    We hope to see you all on monday morning 11:00 in the DIES-discord server! (


  • Mon 8 Feb 2021, 19:30
    ChristmasCocktail Shake-a-long

    Pay attention!

    Do you want to participate but are you NOT able to pick up your package at one of the student complexes because you do NOT live in Utrecht? Fill in these Forms FIRST: and AFTER THIS register (!) via the site! A payment request will be sent to you later for the additional cost of delivery. Can you pick up the package at a student complex? Do NOT fill in these Forms !!

    Pay here: 

    Pay attention 2.0: There are only 15 people to who we can send the package.

    On February 8 you can pick up your package at van Lieflandlaan, IBB, de Sterren or de uithof. If you don't live in Utrecht, don't worry, we'll just send the package! For only € 3.50 extra, the package ends up on your doormat. If you cannot pick up the package due to a positive test result, please contact Elise or Rinske.

    13:00-13:30: Tuindorp-west complex

    13:45-14:15: De sterren

    14:30-15:00: IBB

    15:15-15:45: Uithof

    We will close the first day of the Dies with making Christmas cocktails! Under the guidance of the Dies we will make 3 different cocktails with the theme Christmas! It's very simple: register, pay, receive a package and join us! Pay attention! There are a maximum number of places, so be quick.

    On February 8 you can pick up your package at van Lieflandlaan, IBB, de Sterren or the uithof. The exact times will follow. If you don't live in Utrecht, don't worry, we will just send the package! For only € 3.50 extra, the package ends up on your doormat.

    The following rule applies; 1 package per person. But we will not stop you from getting more and doing it together with your housemates, for example! Therefore the ingredients below. So make sure that you still have to get ingredients yourself, even if you pay for a package!

    Ingredients Christmas cocktails
    This is in the package:
    30 ml baileys
    30 ml amaretto
    130 ml vanilla vodka
    60 ml of vodka
    15 ml Cointreau
    1 can of cream soda
    100 ml of cranberry juice
    1 lime
    1 packet of vanilla-flavored sugar

    Get this yourself:

    60 ml (vegetable) milk
    180 ml spa red
    80 ml whipped cream or coconut milk
    Powdered sugar
    Ice cubes

    Ps. The extra 0,35 cents are transaction costs

  • Tue 9 Feb 2021, 12:45
    Levend Kwartet 2

    Hallo daar zijn we weer!

    Omdat het de vorige keer zó goed ging, is de ExperimenCie terug met Levend Kwartet 2!

    Dus zorg dat je een team bij elkaar sprokkelt (je kan je ook met minder dan 4 inschrijven, dan delen wij je in)

    Schrijf je hier in:

  • Tue 9 Feb 2021, 15:00
    Talent&Pro Escaperoom

    Sign up with your team here:

    Talent & Pro proudly presents the Talent & Pro online escape room, a game specially developed by experts and created to give you a unique insight into financial services.

    The game
    It seems like a normal working day, but a lot is happening in the city that desperately needs your help as a Talent & Pro team. Can you find all the clues, crack codes and solve puzzles and restore peace to the city within the time limit?

    You will be provided with all the necessary information in advance to log in to the online escape room. The game can be played from 2 to a maximum of 5 participants per group. Your group will be assigned its own channel in the Dies Discord ( The playing time of the game is 60 minutes. After the escape room there will be an informal drink with Talent & Pro.

  • Tue 9 Feb 2021, 19:30
    Among Us Borrel

    Come and play Among us with us in the Dies discord. Are you sus or are you sus?

    The link to the discord:

  • Wed 10 Feb 2021, 10:00
    JamJaMAAK je EI!

    Today we celebrate Easter! Wake up quietly with us as we decorate an egg.

    The things you will need for this are:

    - One egg (or several)

    - Drawing supplies (such as pens, markers and paint)

    - A live connection via the internet (always handy)

    Who makes the most beautiful egg?


    Ps. Maybe the Easter Bunny's brother will come along too!


    The link to the discord:

  • Wed 10 Feb 2021, 10:00
    Egg Race

    From what height can you drop an egg without breaking it?

    The roadmap:

    1. Provide an egg

    2. Provide a high point

    3. Provide a creation on which the egg can land

    4. Let the egg drop from the high point

    5. Do not break the egg

    Are you successful? Film it, submit it and win! You can send your video during the day to We will announce the winner at the end of the day (or the next day). And yes, you can really win a prize, but what prize, that's a suprise!!

    For even more inspiration you can watch this short movie by Mark Rober: 

  • Wed 10 Feb 2021, 10:00
    Search for the egg!


  • Wed 10 Feb 2021, 19:00


  • Thu 11 Feb 2021, 10:00
    Love Letter

    In the game there is a very nice princess. Since everyone is in love with the princess, we all write a love letter to the princess. But who manages to get that love letter delivered? We'll see it in the game Love Letter, the FantaCie Dies Game. So come to the A-es discord to play Love Letter! You can join at any time.

  • Thu 11 Feb 2021, 10:00
    Send a rose!

    Would you like to send a rose to your valentine? A boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe your parents, grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, the neighbor around the corner or that one school friend you haven't seen for months? Then now is the chance!

    You can send a rose for no less than 3 euros! Deliver the HoliDIES the rose to your valentine, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandfather, grandmother etc. etc.

    Fill in this form:

    !! This is only possible if the delivery address is in Utrecht and surroundings !! Are you unsure whether the address is included? Send an email to or send an app to a committee member!

  • Thu 11 Feb 2021, 15:00
    La Prueba del Amor - The Valentine's day Quiz


  • Thu 11 Feb 2021, 20:00
    Drink your love

    Snuggle up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, unanswered crush or BFF for a Valentine's film. Which movie? You decide! Keep an eye on our insta (@ holidies_2021) and vote. During the film we play a drinking game for the fans. Expenses up to €4 for a bottle of wine or soft drink will be reimbursed.

    The first 25 people who are present and fill in the Forms during these activities may declare their bottle of wine or soft drink.

  • Fri 12 Feb 2021, 10:00


  • Fri 12 Feb 2021, 19:00
    GameShow Dies




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