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Door het organiseren van activiteiten en het hebben van een gezelligheidskamer brengt A–Eskwadraat studenten en onderwijs dichter bij elkaar. Ontdek wat A–Eskwadraat jou als student te bieden heeft!

A–Eskwadraat organiseert veel activiteiten voor haar leden, mede mogelijk gemaakt door alle commissies die A–Eskwadraat heeft

Lijkt het je ook leuk om activiteiten te organiseren of om A–Eskwadraat te organiseren? Neem dan een kijkje bij onze commissievacatures!

  • Mon 18 Feb 2019, 09:00

    Today you can theoretically spend all day viewing the anonymous baby pictures of many different A-Eskwadraat members in the A-Eskwadraat room.

    If you think you can recognise every baby, then you can fill in the list & hand it in, and perhaps you'll win the 'big' prize!

  • Mon 18 Feb 2019, 12:00
    A-EskwaTaart (Herhaling)

    Free pie!

  • Mon 18 Feb 2019, 19:00
    symposium The Era of Mathematics

    Mathematics is everywhere. We use it to regulate online payments, find the shortest walking route through a city, predict the weather, optimise train schedules, plan availability of ambulances, develop safe medicine and trace down criminals. Mathematics is also important for innovation in business and industry. In this symposium scientists from different disciplines will share their view on the importance of mathematics in society. 

  • Wed 20 Feb 2019, 12:45
    WWW'tje about TA's

    What do you think about your TA's? If you're a math student we would like to know the answer and do something with that info. Please join us, we have cookies

  • Wed 20 Feb 2019, 16:00
    Röntgen-flashes for nano-photography

    This is a guest lecture by J. Friso van der Veen. 
    The lecture will be given in dutch, for more information see the dutch description.

  • Thu 21 Feb 2019, 13:00
    Workshop NS

    The NS will be giving a gamified workshop, possibly with model trains! More info to follow, but make sure you sign up!

  • Thu 21 Feb 2019, 20:00
    Theatre: Het Duel

    Hi I Google translated this because I'm lazy, sorry. 


    15 obstacles that prevent you from going to the theater for an evening
    1. It did not happen. Well ...
    2. I do not belong. I understand. But that seems like that. Moreover, it is dark in the room, so nobody sees you.
    3. I know too little about it. Do I have to know those names on the poster? No! Often they insist on making the actors a pleasure. Almost nobody knows them.
    4. I am a doctor, so I always fear that I have to resuscitate on my free night. True, there are often a lot of old people in the room. Not for nothing, they know the value of theater. But remember: most resuscitations take place in and around the house or on the street. An average of one resuscitation per day is required in the Netherlands during sport and relaxation. "Is there a doctor in the room?" Occurs mainly in films and old farces.
    5. The performance takes far too long. A good piece can thus take three hours. True, that seems to be extremely long. But the average Dutch person also has three hours on his phone every day, and three hours in front of the TV. And there is never something to see, everyone knows that.
    6. They always act so exaggerated with a loud voice. You have not been here for a very long time.
    7. All performances are similar. That's not too bad. It is mainly the booklet of the theater that tastes like a uniform sausage. A common misconception of theaters is to present all performances neatly and ordered in the same style to the public.
    8. I never know for sure if they are going out of their clothes again. Well, that always remains a surprise.
    9. I always forget my log-in codes on the site of the theater. Yes, but the C & M arranges the tickets, so this is not your problem.



    10. I have no one around who tells me what is good. Believe us, this is good. 11. I already have a Netflix subscription. More and more is being hung in the theater. 12. I do not need a gloomy life story. Well. If you read the text on flyers, the story often does not look so happy. Avoid indeed performances that are described as 'poignant' or 'poignant'! But believe me, there are few directors who make a really depressing performance. Most offer hope, humor and inspiration. Theater making is vulnerable. Often makers do not dare to promise that the performance will be fun or amusing, or they will not like it. 13. Art is not my primary necessity of life. With the statement "Art is an important part of life", 59% of Dutch people disagree. You are not the only one who does not see art as a primary necessity of life! Is it not even time to work on your secondary life needs? We are no longer cavemen. 14. I get annoyed by the many mails from my theater, so I do not want to be a customer anymore. Yes, but this is not your problem again but from the C & M so ...? 15. My friend does not have any beef. A common problem: the stupid friend. People think they should go to stage with their partner. No need! Go with a good friend, a lover, or alone. Or with the C & M!



  • Fri 22 Feb 2019, 13:00
    Betaald deelnemen aan brainstorm over oriëntatie IT-studenten op de arbeidsmarkt

    Young Advisory Group (YAG), een strategisch adviesbureau gerund door studenten, doet een onderzoek naar de oriëntatie van IT-studenten op de arbeidsmarkt. Lijkt het jou leuk om inhoudelijk én betaald te brainstormen over de beste manieren om jezelf te positioneren op de arbeidsmarkt? YAG organiseert op vrijdag 22 februari een brainstormsessie van 13:00 tot 15:30 in het Ruppertgebouw op de Uithof en deelnemers krijgen een vergoeding van €40,-. Door de kleinschalige opzet, is het aantal plekken gelimiteerd. Meld je zo snel mogelijk aan via:

  • Mon 25 Feb 2019, 15:15
    Boardgames after noon

    Now that the DIES has come to pass, and everyone is slowly getting used to the third part of the year, it's time for another evening of board games.

    The probability of pizza being ordered is high, so if you're interested, please take some cash with you.

  • Mon 25 Feb 2019, 17:15
    Thesis tutorial LaTeX

    At the start of your bachelor thesis, you want to focus on the content of your thesis, and not so much on the style. TeXniCie offers a course in which we show you how to effectively make a thesis, without paying a lot of attention to the layout. Using this, you can change the style of the entire thesis at the end, and only care about the content while you're typing. We will recap the placement of figures. Moreover there will probably be a nice beamer theme you can use. 

    And: there are cookies!

  • Tue 26 Feb 2019, 15:00
    General Assembly 26 February 2018 Bestuur 2017-2019


  • Wed 27 Feb 2019, 13:00
    Workshop Jane Street

    Estimathon Game & Intro to Jane Street

    Jane Street will give you a brief introduction to what they do and answer any questions you might have, followed by a competition that will challenge you to estimate numerical answers to math, science and general knowledge questions.

    You can join with friends as a team, or as and individual (and we'll put you in a team). There'll be prizes, a complicated scoring system, plus food and drinks.

    We hope you can join us! Please register if you would like to come.


    Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm with a unique focus on technology and collaborative problem solving.

  • Thu 28 Feb 2019, 16:30

    Geef een positieve draai aan je negatieve BSA.

  • Fri 1 Mar 2019, 15:00
    NK Integreren

    Dutch championship in solving integrals. Solve as many integrals as possible within 2 hours. Some questions may require some knowledge of the Dutch language.

  • Mon 4 Mar 2019, 12:00
    A-EskwaTaart (Herhaling)

    Free pie!

  • Tue 5 Mar 2019, 18:45
    NGU-lezing March

    The lectures are given in Dutch, for more information look at the dutch description



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