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Door het organiseren van activiteiten en het hebben van een gezelligheidskamer brengt A–Eskwadraat studenten en onderwijs dichter bij elkaar. Ontdek wat A–Eskwadraat jou als student te bieden heeft!

A–Eskwadraat organiseert veel activiteiten voor haar leden, mede mogelijk gemaakt door alle commissies die A–Eskwadraat heeft

Lijkt het je ook leuk om activiteiten te organiseren of om A–Eskwadraat te organiseren? Neem dan een kijkje bij onze commissievacatures!

  • Sun 27 Jun 2021, 23:00
    A-es Art exhibition

    We are looking for the hidden art talents in A-eskwadraat. Can you draw, paint, sculpt, etc? Then we would like to see that in our online art exhibition! The end date to send in your art is june 20!!!

    Participation is very easy:

    1. Create a work of art. You can choose the medium yourself.
    2.  Take a picture of it.
    3. Send the photos, together with your name (anonymous is also possible) to:
    4. When the museum is online, come and have a look. Walk around and discover the talents within A-eskwadraat.

  • Thu 1 Jul 2021, 10:00
    Botanic gardens

    You have all received a voucher for coffee for the Botanic gardens. This day is reserverd especially for A–Eskwadraat. Use your coffee voucher today and meet your fellow students in the Botanic gardens!

  • Fri 2 Jul 2021, 17:00
    End of the year BBQ



    To celebrate the end of the year we are having a BBQ. You can enter in groups of 4 or 8 people and you will be given your own food and bbq.

    We will be sitting in Wilhelminapark, Griftpark and the cambridgelaan.

    Tou can ask 7 euro back for drinks per 4 persons, there will be no drinks with the food you are given.

  • Fri 9 Jul 2021, 10:00
    Excursion to the Hoge Veluwe

    IMPORTANT: make sure the email address on the site checks out because we will send all the information and your ticket to this address!

    The ExcurCie is organising a day out to the Hoge Veluwe National Parc! 🌳🦌
    Here, you can hike, visit the Kröller-Müller Museum (at your own expense) or take one of the white bikes to cycle through the beautiful parc!  🚴🏾

    Starting and ending times are flexible! You can come with some friends at a time that suits you best, or you can take one of the train options - exact times for this will follow soon! 🕰️

    It is free! However, you have to enrol via the site. We've got room for 50 people, so do not hesitate too long! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻 
    If something else comes up and you won't be able to make it anymore, we kindly ask you to de-enrol so someone else can take your spot! 😄

    Registrations are open!

  • Thu 15 Jul 2021, 11:00
    Verfbal & Piknik

    Kom verfballen jonguh



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