Becoming a member
Becoming a member

A-Eskwadraat is the study association for the following studies: Computer Science, Information Science, Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics, of the Utrecht University. If you study one of these subjects you are able to become a member. But why should you?

If you are a member you can use the following facilities A-Eskwadraat offers

What does it cost, and how can you become a member?

Membership costs € 30,- once for bachelor students. Master students only have to pay € 10,-! Bachelor students even receive a free yearbook, and master students a free "borrelkaart"!.

Most members became members upon purchasing their first books during the FMBS (FreshMen Book Sale). You can buy your membership at a later time when you visit our booksalee.

If you have any other question you can email the internal officer.

Participation in activities

A-Eskwadraat organises numerous recreational and study related acitivities. Some examples of recreational activities are social drinks, sport tournaments, parties, and even more parties.. Activities related to studies are twice a year a symposium, the collection of exams, excursions and a studytrip.

For more information, see Activiteiten

Buying study books with reduction

Because we buy enormous amounts of books we can negotiate handsome reductions from retailers, even up to 20%. You do have to order in advance; we have an internet based application which allows you to do so.

More information can be found at: BookWeb

A-Eskwadraat's room

BBL 226 is the A-Eskwadraat room. All members can enjoy its facilities. One of the most used is the cokefridge. We sell the cheapest soft drinks on all of the Uithof! Coffee and tea is even free!

We also have some couches, where you can relax from your course on equivariant cohomology. We also have the main duch newspapers, so you can practice on your dutch! We have a big collection of bordgames as well.

More information: A-Eskwadraat's room

The website

Members can log in in our website. This allows members to order books, look at pictures of past activities, or search for contact information of fellow students. It also hosts a second hand (study related) book shop, where you can buy and sell second hand books.

If you don't like your contact information to be available to other members, you can block your information.

More information can be found at: the web committee

The "vakidioot" and the activities mailing

Our association periodical the "vakidioot" appears six times a year, and is filled with both study related as more relaxing articles. A members receive them for free.

You can, if you want, receive a weekly mailing on all of our activities.

More information: the "vakidioot" board of editors