Quantitative Researcher
Quantitative Researcher

(Startersfunctie voor Informatica, Informatiekunde, Natuurkunde, Wiskunde)

Optiver - Quantitative Researcher

Optiver is an industry leader across everything we do. We don’t just meet industry standards we aim to set them! With trading teams focusing on a broad range of options and delta1 products we are able to provide an unrivalled universe of exciting opportunities for our employees. Through our core function as a market-maker we continuously improve the market by being the source of liquidity for market participants.

Can you solve this puzzle?

Three players A, B, C play the following game. First, A picks a real number between 0 and 1 (both inclusive), then B picks a number in the same range (different from A’s choice) and finally C picks a number, also in the same range, (different from the two chosen numbers). We then pick a number in the range uniformly randomly. Whoever’s number is closest to this random number wins the game. Assume that A, B and C all play optimally and their sole goal is to maximise their chances of winning. Also assume that if one of them has several optimal choices, then that player will randomly pick one of the optimal choices.

  • If A chooses 0, then what is the best choice for B?
  • What is the best choice for A?
  • Can you write a program to figure out the best choice for the first player when the game is played among four players?

Did you like this puzzle? Are you looking for bigger challenges? Do you want to use your analytical skills to solve real world problems and see the results right away? Do you enjoy writing computer programs? Then the Quantitative Researcher position might be a great opportunity for you! 

What you’ll do

As a Quantitative Researcher you will work in a team with Traders and Researchers, right on the trading floor. You will spend your first weeks at Optiver in a structured training program to learn about options, market making and delta 1. You will then immediately start your first project, with the support of a Senior Researcher. We expect you to be versatile, flexible and very creative to think of new innovative solutions. In return we give you the freedom to pursue your ideas and implement them right into our production systems. Within a few months, you will play a key role in developing automated analysis programs and trading algorithms.

What you'll need

  • Academic degree with very good grades in Engineering, Physics, Maths, Econometrics, Computer science or equivalent 
  • Programming experience in any language (C, C++, Python, Basic, JAVA, etc.);
  • Ability to apply basic concepts of probability, calculus and linear algebra;
  • Ability to carry a project on your own in a structured way within a short timeframe;
  • Competitive attitude and eagerness to constantly improve yourself;
  • Self-starting, ‘can do’ attitude;
  • Ability to learn quickly;
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills. 

What you’ll get

  • The chance to start your career working alongside best-in-class professionals from over 40 different countries.
  • Our performance based bonus structure is unmatched anywhere in the industry. We combine our profits across desks, teams and offices into a global profit pool fostering a truly collaborative environment to work in.

Alongside this you will get great secondary benefits such as 25 paid vacation days, fully paid first-class commuting expenses, training opportunities, discounts on health insurance, breakfast and lunch facilities, sports and leisure activities, Friday afternoon drinks and even weekly in-house chair massages. Being highly international, we are accustomed to guiding expats through their relocation, offering competitive relocation packages and providing visa sponsorship where necessary.

Are you interested in starting your career on one of the most dynamic and exciting trading floors in Europe?

Apply directly via our website for the position of Quantitative Researcher. Please provide us with a CV, a solution to part (a) of the puzzle highlighting in bold your final answer and a letter of motivation in English. Solving part b and c of the puzzle is optional. Applications without an answer to the puzzle and a letter of motivation will not be reviewed. If you have any questions feel free to contact the recruitment team on recruitment@optiver.com or on +31 (0)20 708 70 00.

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