Big Data Engineering Traineeship
Big Data Engineering Traineeship

(Startersfunctie voor Informatica, Informatiekunde, Natuurkunde, Wiskunde)

Big Data Engineering Traineeship
Do you want to become a real Big Data Engineer? An expert in Big Data architecture, tools, and technologies, software engineering and data streaming? Xomnia offers you a career boost with our Big Data Engineering Traineeship. This is your chance to bring your knowledge into practice as well as learn even more from other Big Data Engineers. Interested? Read on and become a trainee.

With a Computer Science or Software Engineering background, you are looking for an opportunity to dive into different Big Data Engineering techniques and tools. In addition, you want to understand what an organization really needs, to choose the right techniques, and to design, develop and implement the best solution.

Are you the Big Data Engineering talent we’re looking for?

The traineeship will enable you to:

  • Support businesses in getting more value out of their data;

  • Make an impact with your Big Data Engineering skills.

During the traineeship you will:

  • Attend technical training sessions at the Xomnia HQ;

  • Develop your programming skills even further with Python and Scala;

  • Learn to work with modern database technologies such as Hadoop, Hive;

  • Be trained in different topics, such as distributed systems, software engineering, cloud computing, and Blockchain technology;

  • Be guided by our own senior Xomnia Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists;

  • Be part of a class of 4 to 6 talented Big Data Engineering trainees

  • Get to know other talents who are working at different organizations;

  • Get your own Xomnia Hoodie, it’s amazing, it’s true.

Who are we?

Xomnia is the leading Dutch big data company that helps organizations to create more value out of their data. We use our expertise in the area of big data projects, consultancy, and training so you can develop yourself as a data engineer through our traineeship. We started the first data science traineeship back in 2015, and started the data engineering traineeship in 2017. Our program distinguishes itself in terms of personal development, technical training and application and offers you a network of data scientists and engineers. We have worked together with different organizations using this traineeship construction, for example KLM, ProRail, various municipalities, Vopak, the National Police, the Ministry of Defence, ING, NS, Belvilla, Rabobank, Tip Trailers, SIemens, and Nationale Nederlanden.

We have an international team of social, ambitious and technical people. We organize monthly ‘borrels’, boat-trips, game nights (yes, also AoE), football matches and much more. Oh, and we have a self-driving boat!

Would you like to know more?

Do you want to be Xomnia’s next Big Data Engineering trainee? Please get in touch with Manoah.

Want to know how our trainee Paul experiences the Big Data Engineering traineeship? Read his blog about his adventure at KLM.



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