Deadline sunday: sign up for courses period 3

Sunday 29th of november is the last day to sign up for courses in period 3. Be quick and sign up!

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In a couple of weeks, the second period will start. You can order your books now.

Go to and select the booklist that you want to see. Then select the books you want to order. If you're a member of A-Eskwadraat, you get 20% discount. If you want to become a member, you can select the right box at the bottom.

If you've never ordered at our webshop before, you have to create an account before you can order your books.

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  • Timo Koppenberg
  • Aanstaande donderdag, 11 december, is het WiskundeSymposium, vanaf 13 uur in het Minnaertgebouw. Het thema is: Grote Problemen: Opgelost?!

    op dinsdag 9 december '14
  • #UnixTimestampParty in de A-Eskwadraatkamer. Komt dat zien!

    op vrijdag 24 oktober '14