English summary with info about the UKP, check the Dutch website with more info

UKP (UAPC, Utrecht Algorithm Programming Contest)

21 September 2019, Buys Ballot Gebouw (BBG)

To be eligible for the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest BAPC you have to qualify in the preliminary; the Utrecht Algorithm Programming Contest. The UKP will be held on the 21th of September in the BBG.

The program for the UKP is as follows;

  • 10:30 participants welcome
  • 11:00 start testsession
  • 12:00 start contest
  • 17:00 end contest
  • 17:30 results

You can compete in teams of 2 or 3 members, with one laptop or university desktop per team. If you sign up on your own, we may ask you to join an existing team.

We use our own jurysystem DOMjudge. You can download the manual here for participants (NL)(EN) so you can prepare for the contest. Read atleast the summary so you know the basics.

Registering UKP

Register for the UKP using this link.