TeXniCie: LaTeX Course
TeXniCie: LaTeX Course
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LaTeX Course

Starting at the 23th of September 2019 the TeXniCie of A–Eskwadraat will hold a series of 4 courses in which the ins and outs of LaTeX will be discussed. The course will be given on Mondays from 5 to 7 pm. 

How it works

You have to subscribe for the course. You can do that here. For the first week there are no prerequisites. We will explain how you can install LaTeX on your laptop. In the following weeks the information off earlier weeks might be required.

As there are only a few computers (if any) available, we ask you to bring your own laptop.


1September 23thBBG 065 and 079Installation of LaTeX, simple documentWeek 1
2September 30thBBG 065 and 079Formulas, Theorems and tablesWeek 2
3October 7thBBG 205Images and figures*
4October 14thBBG 205Tips, tricks and LaTeX  presentations*

*No English files for these weeks. The Dutch files can be found on the Dutch page and include (potentially out-dated) presentation files.

Thesis course

The TeXniCie has made this document to help you out writing your thesis with LaTeX. This document is both a manual (showing certain commands) and a template for a thesis.

You can download it here: (2020 version): Template/manual

Alternative version without the subfiles package (easier, but much more messy): Manual (no subfiles)

2018 version for backwards compatibility: ManualManual (no subfiles)