London Banking Tour 2012
London Banking Tour 2012
The London Banking Tour 2012: from the 12th of September until the 23th of September 2012, the exciting world of Investment Banking becomes reality for 24 Dutch academics.

During the London Banking Tour twelve of the world’s leading investment banks will invite you into their London offices for workshops, business games and networking lunches and dinners. This week is a unique opportunity to meet the absolute top of the industry, impress them with your skills and challenge them with your questions.

A fulltime position or summer internship could be the result of your participation in the London Banking Tour 2012. Most students who have participated in previous years can confirm the success and effectiveness of this tour. After their participation they received an offer for an internship or a job at one of the leading Investment Banks.

Participating banks: Credit Suisse, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Nomura, Citi, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America: Merril Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Lazard.

Application Deadline: June 8th.