Are you interested in statistics and wondering what job possibilities there are related to statistics? Come to the statistics-afternoon! Here UMC and Dentsu Aegis Network will tell something about statistics in their company. Also, we will start with a free lunch!

Dentsu Aegis Network

At Dentsu Aegis Network, an international marketing agency, we help our clients with designing, planning and optimizing their campaigns. This raises the question of what defines a good campaign. We have defined a score that measures the quality of a campaign, which allows us to analyse what factors might influence performance. Ideally, we can then tune these factors in order to get better results. I will discuss the construction of this quality score and its applications to derive value for the client.

UMC - Use of multi-state models in medical research

Medical investigations are often concerned with the evaluation of the effect of several time–dependent stochastic events acting on the same subject. In this direction, multi–state models describe the evolution of subjects between a finite number of states or systems exposed to several kinds of events. Therefore, multi-state models have become a useful tool to study the association of  certain time-dependent exposures (e.g. infections) and mortality in observational cohort studies. In this talk I will sketch the basic theory and I will present two applications, using data from the ICU of the Utrecht University Medical Center (UMCU).

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  • Group: Commissariaat Onderwijs
  • Start: Mon 18 Dec 2017, 13:00
  • End: Mon 18 Dec 2017, 15:00
  • Locatie: BBG061
  • Admission price: Free
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  • Categorie: Labour Market Orientation
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