Career: Gamedevelopment
Career: Gamedevelopment

What is the difference between companies of serious games, indie games and 2D games? How can you start your own games business? Those are the topics of this day.


13:00 Free lunch

13:45 Lecture startups

14:30 Lecture Robbin Marcus, student computer science, works at Nixxes

15:00 3 companies with different kinds of games:

  • Tingly Games, casual 2D entertainment games
  • Qlvr, serious games
  • Digital Dreams, indie games

We will end the day with some informal drinks.

  • Committee, Group: Commissariaat Onderwijs, SpoCie
  • Start: Tue 24 Nov 2015, 13:15
  • End: Tue 24 Nov 2015, 17:00
  • Locatie: Buys Ballotbuilding 079
  • Organizer: A–Eskwadraat
  • Poster: Nee