The goal of this game is to picture your team in as many monopoly streets as possible. Beforehand you'll receive a special item which will have to be included in the photograph, to prevent cheating!

The game will start at 12:00 u on Friday so everyone will be able to travel for free with public transport.

The team that has the most original pictures the soonest with the biggest amount of monopoly streets will win!

Briefing 11:45 u Minneart building.

  • Committee: ECie/DC 2010-2011
  • Start: Fri 20 May 2011, 12:00
  • End: Fri 20 May 2011, 23:59
  • Locatie: Nederland
  • Admission price: Free
  • Organizer: A–Eskwadraat
  • Poster: Nee