MU-games 10de editie
MU-games 10de editie

The next edition of the μ-Games (Mathematics Utrecht) will take place on Friday 12th of April, 13.30-16.30, in the Van Lier en Egginkzaal in Bestuursgebouw. This will be a special edition, as it will be the 10th edition! For this occasion, we have made 10 problems for you to solve this time

The MU-games is a friendly programming contest focused on mathematical thinking. For all problems you must first think mathematically and then write a short program to calculate the answer. The exercise sheet will also include problems aimed at bachelor's students. You can sign up in a team of 3 or 4 students, or individually. In the latter case, we will match you with a few fellow students. During the competition you can program in C#, Java and Python. The event will take place on site, but can also be joined online if you cannot make it on site. Afterwards, we will order pizza for those students that want to discuss the exercises. If you have questions you can find information at our website or you can reach us at: Sign up as a team, or as an individual. Hope to see many of you there! 

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  • Commissie: EducaCie
  • Begin: vr 12 apr 2024, 13:30
  • Eind: vr 12 apr 2024, 16:30
  • Aanvullende website:
  • Locatie: Van Lier en Egginkzaal in Bestuursgebouw
  • Toegangsprijs: Gratis
  • Organisator: Universiteit Utrecht
  • Categorie: Studie-inhoudelijk
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