Inhousedag Optiver
Inhousedag Optiver

Join the Optiver In-house Day! We are looking forward to meeting A-Eskwadraat members and prepared a unique program that covers all areas of Optiver for your very diverse group of students.

Optiver is always on the lookout for motivated students with an analytical mindset, a flair for numbers and excellent programming and problem solving skills. Are you eager to challenge yourself and find out if you have what it takes to become a Trader, Developer or Researcher? The day will begin with a general introduction about Optiver, before we will continue to provide you with a better insight into the tasks and daily routine of a Trader, Developer and Researcher. Afterwards, we will be playing the Market Making Game with you, a playful way to help you understand what Optiver is doing on a daily basis, followed by two more interactive games that are related to Research and Technology within Optiver! Afterwards, during pizza and beers you will get the chance to speak to our Traders, Researchers, Developers and Recruiters in order to find out more about our Graduate positions, internships and the recruitment processes.


Optiver is an industry leader across everything we do. We don’t just meet industry standards we aim to set them! With trading teams focusing on a broad range of options and delta1 products we are able to provide an unrivalled universe of exciting opportunities for our employees. Through our core function as a market-maker we continuously improve the market by being the source of liquidity for market participants.

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  • Begin: ma 16 okt 2017, 14:00
  • Eind: ma 16 okt 2017, 19:00
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  • Locatie: Atrium Building | Strawinskylaan 3095 | 1077 ZX Amsterdam
  • Organisator: A–Eskwadraat
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