ORTEC Lunch Lecture
ORTEC Lunch Lecture

We are ORTEC, a purpose-driven organization changing businesses and society at large through the power of data-driven mathematical optimization. We make businesses more efficient, more predictable and more effective. Turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions.

The Route Optimization Game is bridging the gap between Mathematical Theory and Logistics Practice.

It will provide insight in part of the daily activities of the ORTEC routing consultants.

The game is played with just a simple piece of paper and pencil, which makes it fun and practical for all participants.

Each team has to solve two tasks:

Firstly, find the best route and sequence of deliveries to reach all customers from the depot while considering the objectives and restrictions.

Secondly, they have to document their approach in constructing the plan.

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  • Commissie: SpoCie
  • Begin: wo 15 jan 2020, 13:00
  • Eind: wo 15 jan 2020, 14:00
  • Locatie: BBG 1.69
  • Toegangsprijs: Gratis lunch
  • Organisator: A–Eskwadraat
  • Categorie: Arbeidsmarktoriëntatie
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