DELAYED Tosti Masterchef
DELAYED Tosti Masterchef

CANCELLED - We are looking for a new date to host this amazing competition. 


Do you want to be te next Tosti Masterchef? Enter now in this competition.

16 people will fight for this beloved title. They will have to do mutiple test to determine there tosti making skills. If you just like free food come to the Vagant and taste what our contestents made. (If you don't want to participate as a contestant you do not have to sign in.)

PS: Contestants need to be there the full 2 hours if they want a shot at the title.

  • Actposter
  • Committee: TostiCie
  • Start: Thu 3 May 2018, 13:00
  • End: Thu 3 May 2018, 15:00
  • Additional web site:
  • Locatie: De Vagant
  • Admission price: Free
  • Organizer: A–Eskwadraat
  • Categorie: Fun
  • Maximum number of participants: 16
  • Poster: Ja