Studying is fun, but what are you going to do afterwards?
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Career options

Below are a few branches where many of our alumni end up:

Applied Physics

Mostly interesting for physicists
Companies within this branch develop new products based on recent physical research. Even though the knowledge needed for this, is often technical or applied, the more theoretical questions are usually taken by Utrechtian students. The research, being done by Applied Physics always has the goal of releasing new products. Because of this, you could say that within this branch you've got a job that 'places you between research and commercial life." Companies you could think of are ASML, Thales and TMC Physics.


Interesting for all students
Within this branch, you're reviewing other companies independently. You'd be going through the financial administration and check whether these are correct, and give a good view of the financial health of the enterprise. You'd do this, either as a controller or as an advisor, writing reports. What makes this a fun career option is that it's challenging and varying (in that you're visiting vastly different companies), and often quite lucrative. In return, there's a busy work schedule. It's quite similar to Strategy Consulting, but that consists of advising companies with their strategies. Read this for some experiences of auditors. Companies you could think of include KPMG, Deloitte and PWC.


Interesting for all students
Deployments help you to learn further and develop yourself. At such an agency you receive training, both in soft skills and branch specific skills. A secondment looks at your qualifications and interests and looks for a suitable match with another company. That's where they'll put you to work, and often you can transfer to a more permanent position at that company. Often you'll be re-schooled to ICT because there's a lot of demand for that right now. Detachment is interesting if you don't know what to do at this time, or want to change direction to, for example, ICT. Typical companies in this sector are Procam, LSG and Talent & Pro(financial).


Interesting for all students, mostly mathematics
Some of our students also end up in Finance. This can vary from trading stocks to building marketpredicting models as an econometrist.

IT Consulting



Strategy Consulting