Data Science
Data Science

(Startersfunctie voor Informatica, Informatiekunde, Natuurkunde, Wiskunde)

Demand for Data Scientists is at an all time high, and with it also the availability of trainings. When you look closely though, there is always something missing in all courses, articles and books - the production environment. Data is loaded from CSV files on a local machine, models are created in Jupyter, AUC plots are created and voila  —  you’re done

In this program we don’t teach you these basics - You already know these! Instead we focus on the skills you need to actually solve the problem your business is facing.

Writing deployable code, version control, continuous integration, working with Docker and cloud computing, A/B Testing, deploying model artifacts and monitoring your models in production are all topics that we cover extensively in our program to make sure that our Xccelerators can have a big impact at our partners.

Who we are:

Xccelerated trains, connects and accelerates highly-skilled data scientists to become authorities in their field. For you this means you get 60+ days of training and the possibility to put your training into practice immediately at one of our partner organizations such as Heineken, Mollie Payments or KLM.

We are proudly part of Xebia Group, together with companies such as Godatadriven and Binx. Our services address big data and data science, cloud infrastructure and software development.

Your first year:

You will start the first month with an immersive, full-time, bootcamp. During this first month you will discuss different subjects like software engineering principles with Python, data science with Spark, Writing Flask REST API’s, Docker, Git and get an introduction in data science in the Cloud

After the first month, you are ready to work directly on a client project. During this time, you will come back to the Xccelerated offiice every week for project guidance and extra training on different subjects, both in data science and in soft-skills. After twelve months you can permanently join the client’s team and continue your career there.

Why Xccelerated is for you:

  • A finished (beta) Master degree (Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Econometrics or Mathematics);
  • Relevant work experience from an internship at a company, job on the side while studying or/and work experience as a data scientist;
  • You are eager to learn new things everyday, you want to know everything about the newest technologies and like to work with colleagues who have a passion for data;
  • You have experience in building ML models from scratch;
  • You love programming, preferably in Python.

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to work on data-driven projects as a Data Scientist;
  • A 13 month program that starts with an intensive bootcamp in this field and great lunch;
  • Return days for project guidance and extra training followed with afternoon drinks;
  • A Salary to pay your bills;
  • Travel allowance or a public transportation card;
  • 25 vacation days, if you promise to come back after your holiday.

Sounds interesting?

We’d love to hear from you! The next group Data Science will start on September 1st. Please contact Samantha Alves Goncalves through or by phone at 0613889770.



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