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Company profiles
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International Marketmakers Combination (IMC)

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
House of Bèta
DSW Zorgverzekeraar

Flow Traders
Da Vinci Derivatives

  • ASML is a high-tech company, headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or computer chips. What we do is at the heart of all the electronic devices that keep us informed, entertained and connected. Every day, you use electronics that simply wouldn’t exist without our machines.


    Changing the world, one nanometer at a time

    Through the development of smaller, faster and still more affordable chips, the world’s technology has steadily evolved. ASML is always striving to do more to solve some of humanity’s toughest challenges through groundbreaking technology. By pushing technology to new limits, we unlock the potential of both people and society.

    Over 30 years, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations in 16 countries and annual net sales of €14.0 billion in 2020. Our customers include all the world’s leading chipmakers including Intel, Samsung and TSMC. We provide them with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon wafers.


    Thinking years ahead

    Behind ASML’s innovations are the researchers, engineers and manufacturing specialists who think ahead. The people who work at our company include some of the most creative minds in physics, electrical engineering, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, computer science and software engineering.

    Because ASML spends more than €2 billion per year on R&D, our teams have the freedom, support and resources to experiment, test and push the boundaries of technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams, listening to and learning from each other.


    The ideal environment for growth

    With such a diverse culture, generous R&D budget, and a collective determination to continue advancing technology, ASML represents the ideal environment for professional development and personal growth. We trust and respect all of our employees, giving them the support they need to experiment, solve seemingly impossible problems, and add real value to ASML and the world.

    We’re a global team of 28,000 people from 120 different nationalities and counting. Headquartered in Europe’s top tech hub, the Brainport Eindhoven region in the Netherlands, our operations are spread across Europe, Asia and the US.


    Be part of progress

    If you want you to bring your best ideas and join a dynamic, global collaboration committed to pushing technology to new limits, visit

  • Making Markets. Making a Difference.

    IMC is a market maker and one of the world’s leading trading firms. We are mathematicians, makers, and mavens. Traders, technologists, and tacticians. We think globally, commit locally, solve problems methodically and give back seriously. Being smart gets you in the door. Continuously striving for improvement and a restless curiosity will help you succeed.


    Being a market maker means being ready to buy or sell securities at any time, facilitating the transfer of risk for market participants. Our highly-automated systems and trading strategies ensure tighter ‘spreads’ between bid and offer prices, reducing costs for buyers and sellers. Solving complex problems and learning constantly, we’ve played our part in making financial markets more efficient for almost 30 years.


    We work better when we work together. Of course, with more than 500 people from many cultures and nationalities, working across time zones and locations, teamwork can be its own complex challenge. Good thing we like complex challenges!

    The solution: an open, diverse culture built on trust, integrity, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. And a team of driven, dynamic people empowered to be creative, to communicate openly, and to collaborate. Across offices in Amsterdam, Sydney and Chicago, we encourage our people to learn, improve and innovate, and give them all the support they need to do so.

    Find out more about the difference you can make at:


  • The human side of digital


    Bij KPMG ontwikkel je geavanceerde (digitale) oplossingen voor de economie van morgen. Op deze manier werken wij met onze klanten in hun streven naar groei of progressie. Wij combineren de nieuwste technologieën met wat we in de afgelopen eeuw hebben opgebouwd: een fundament van kennis, expertise en onafhankelijk denken. Technologie zorgt pas voor vooruitgang als deze wordt ingezet vanuit menselijk inzicht en creativiteit. Zo kijken wij naar vooruitgang. En jij?


    Om welke digitale uitdagingen het ook gaat, bij KPMG haal je het uiterste uit elke technische innovatie. Zo help je organisaties bij hun digitale transformatie, versterk je de cyber security van onze klanten, ga je aan de slag met complexe vraagstukken op het gebied van data, implementeer je ERP-systemen of adviseer je op het gebied van FinTech.


    Open, creatief en ondernemend

    Bij KPMG ontmoet je een open en informele cultuur. Een stimulerende mix van ondernemingszin, creativiteit en teamspirit. Je kunt jezelf zijn, voelt je gewaardeerd en weet dat je het verschil kunt maken.


    De ultieme omgeving voor groei

    Bij KPMG heb je snel veel verantwoordelijkheid én de vrijheid om jezelf te ontwikkelen. Zowel professioneel als persoonlijk. Je groeit hard door de diversiteit aan opdrachten en de innovaties waarbij je betrokken bent. We hebben heel wat specialismen in huis, dus we bieden je niet alleen een baan, maar ook een loopbaan.


    Jij vindt jouw uitdaging bij KPMG!

    People-driven progress



    Company profile

    BCG is an international strategy consulting firm. Our mission is to help leading corporations create and sustain competitive advantage by offering high-quality, company-specific advice. We work collaboratively with clients on projects that vary from mergers and acquisitions to reorganizations, from growth strategies to innovation. BCG delivers expert advice in several Practice Areas such as Consumer Goods, Retail, Financial Services, Industrial Goods, Energy, and High Technology. Our advice is always preceded by fact-based quantitative analysis. Our customers are multinationals as well as top management and industry leaders. BCG is the most successful and fastest growing strategy consultant in the Netherlands. Our consultants are both team players and opinion leaders, both creative and organized, both rational and emotionally intelligent.

    Living up to your potential

    The quality of our work is determined by the skills and capabilities of our people. At BCG you have the freedom to learn and to grow. From the very start, new hires are exposed to a broad range of clients and industries. This enables them to quickly develop a broad insight in key business issues. When you join BCG, you will rapidly learn to be able to take on increasingly responsible tasks. A new project will invariably demand more skills and knowledge than the previous one. BCG offers an extensive (international) training program next to on-the-job learning.

    Orientation possibilities

    • BCG is in Town
    • BCG Inhousedag
    • BCG Masterclass
    • Visiting Associate Program (internship program of 2–3 months)
    • World Food Program Business Course, five days in Rome
    • Bright Berlin, five-day business course in Berlin

    Who are we looking for?

    We are looking for candidates with strong analytical skills, capable of structured and logical reasoning. People that inspire and show leadership. People with a great deal of energy, humor and a great personality. If you are interested in joining our organization, working methods and culture, check out our website at

    Contact BCG Amsterdam

    Micky van Waesberge – Campus Recruiter




    Offices: Amsterdam (headquarters), New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Paris
    and Cluj
    Number of employees: 560+
    Positions: Graduate Trader & Trading Intern
    An introduction to Flow Traders:

    Flow Traders is a principal trading firm founded in 2004. We are a leading global technology-enabled
    liquidity provider, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Flow Traders is at the intersection of
    finance, cutting-edge technology and scientific research. We are able to grow our organization further,
    thereby ensuring that our trading desks in Europe, the Americas and Asia provide liquidity across all
    major exchanges, globally, 24 hours a day. Financial markets have rapidly shifted from trading in the pit
    to algorithmic trading, and our business model has made us an entrepreneurial and competitive firm in
    the FinTech space. We use our principal technology platform to quote bid and ask prices in thousands of
    ETP listings. We are also active in other asset classes such as bonds, FX, cryptocurrencies and similar
    financial products. On top of that, we provide liquidity to institutional counterparties off-exchange across
    all regions!

    Flow Traders stays ahead of the competition by focusing on technology and niche competencies in
    markets where every second counts. This requires access to the best information and the ability to
    respond instantly. To achieve this, our team of software developers works in partnership with experienced
    traders to identify and execute tomorrow's strategies, making Flow a daily pioneer in professional trading.

    Team effort

    In order to maximize our performance and facilitate our international growth, Flow Traders heavily invest
    in our employees. The backbone of our success is the collection of creative doers, thinkers, and above
    all, believers who form our company. Flow Traders fosters a strong team-oriented culture which rewards
    people for their contributions to the company as a whole rather than only in their direct area of

    Training & Development

    Because of the specific nature of the work-environment, we do not expect you to plunge headfirst into
    your new job. Instead, you will start by following in a three months intensive in-house training program
    that covers all the intricate details of the trading processes. As a member of an informal team, you will
    then gradually take on more responsibilities, start monitoring markets and only then start making split-
    second portfolio adjustments that are at the heart of our success. From trading to devising tactics, and
    from contributing to new tools to implementing actual programs: you help shape our trading strategies.

    What we offer

    Flow Traders offers you an exciting job and lots of opportunities within the most dynamic of environments
    with an excellent compensation package. We provide our employees with the best working environment,
    the latest technology and continuous support. On top of that, Flow Traders provides free breakfast, lunch,
    and snacks. We have our private gym where our health coaches provide our people with the right
    personal sports programs. Every year we go on a company trip and have the best Christmas party!

    At Flow Traders we work in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment where each day brings complex
    challenges. We are a technology company, operating in a financial environment and use our principal
    technology platform to quote bid and ask prices in thousands of ETP listings and similar financial

    Business Course & In-house days

    Want to have a look first inside our company in Amsterdam? That is possible! We are organizing several
    in house days and our Business Course for you to gain insight into the world of trading. Make sure to
    apply on our company website. Hope to see you soon!

    Contact Flow Traders Amsterdam

    If you would like to know more feel free to contact Florentine van Lingen (Recruiter) or Charlotte Uljee (Recruiter)

  • Da Vinci Derivatives is a unique proprietary trading firm, focusing on volatility trading, arbitrage and market making across major exchanges worldwide. We identify opportunities and trade based on in-house developed strategies, and we provide liquidity and efficiency to the markets.

    Our philosophy towards work is best captured by the saying “Be good, work hard and great things will happen”. We are meritocratic by nature and believe that empowering talent in our organization is the only way forward. Our employees are out greatest asset and we are constantly looking for smart, talented and passionate people to strengthen our team and support our growth plans.