Societies are a part of A–Eskwadraat. They differ from regular Committees because they are not financially dependant of the board. They can however use the facilities of the association. There have been many societies and many of them are no longer around. It is partly because of this that the new and current societies have to show great enthusiasm and continuity.

Currently, the following societies are active around A–Eskwadraat:

If you were to have an idea for a society you can always tell the board. They will discuss your application. In the next paragraph we state the houserules to which a society at A–Eskwadraat must apply.

As a side note, we encourage everyone who wishes to start a society to do so! Fun societies enrich our association!

The Houserules of A–Eskwadraat state the following about societies:

  • Article 18
    Societies of the association are described as groups of members and/or ex-members of the association, who have requested and received permission to call themselves a "Society of A–Eskwadraat". The activities and finances of the societies fall outside of the responsibility of the association.
  • Article 19
    To receive the permission discussed in article 18, the activities of the group of members and/or ex-members have to be in the spirit of the association.
  • Article 20
    The society has to notify the board of the composition and the activities of the board. The society has to take on at least one new member every (study-) year.
  • Article 21
    The board has every right to take away the rights of the society at any given moment if they:
    • do not comply with the rules stated in article 19
    • do not comply with the rules stated in article 20
    • have less than halve of their members consist of members or ex-members of A–Eskwadraat
    • if the society does not comply with the Statutes, the Rules or the decisions made by the association, or does anything to treat the association unreasonably or unfairly.

All of these are judged by the board.

The following societies have been active at A–Eskwadraat: