The FantaCie

The FantaCie is the gamecommitte of A–Eskwadraat. We do not only organize board- and cardgame evenings, but we also organize werewolf evenings, klaverjas/Tai pan/bridge tournaments and a lot more special evenements.


Now and then the Fantacie organizes game-evenings. They sometimes have a theme, which means that we only play the games that are suited for a chosen theme. This will get the participants enthousiastic to try out other games than the ones they are familiar with.

Besides that, we organize a klaverjas-tournament each year in collaboration with UAV. We also organize a Tai pan tournament and a Who-is-the-Mole day.


Do you want to keep in touch with all the upcoming activities of the FantaCie? Then just send us an mail and ask if we want to put you on the mailingslist. Then you will get mail from us once in a while with the upcoming activities of the FantaCie. You can easily be removed from the mailingslist again by just asking us through mail.