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For companies

Collaboration with A–Eskwadraat


One of the most important aspects of A–Eskwadraat as a study association is to offer its members perspective in where their professional careers might take them. To achieve this, we intensively collaborate with a diverse range companies and institutions in order to organise inspiring career events. We also use our many media, such as our website and our magazine, to generate exposure for our partners among students. 

There are many ways in which we can help you reach your company's target audience. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( Together we can work out how your company and A–Eskwadraat can help each other.

Below we have listed a few examples of what we offer our partners.


  • Four times per year we distribute our magazine "De Vakidioot" amongst our members and benefactors, which comes down to roughly 1600 copies per print run. It is possible to include an advertisement or advertorial from your company in the magazine. Standard advertisements are of A5 format, page filling and full colour.


  • Throughout the entire year companies give lectures and workshops on campus for our students. In May, the entire board and association focus on career orientation, which culminates in our "Career Month". Naturally, this provides many excellent opportunities for companies to leave a lasting impression on our students. For further reference, please take a look at the website promoting last year's Career Month.


  • As a study association, we organise many study-related activities throughout the year. Two interesting examples of these are the science symposia and the "study tour". Both of these events can be sponsored by companies, for instance by placing advertisements in booklets, giving a lecture or utilising your foreign connections to enhance the study tour. 


  • Our website features a database for job vacancies, which is used to promote internships and jobs for starters. We also offer our partners a place on the company profile page.


  • A–Eskwadraat is a large association and thus organises a wide range of other activities, which are in general a little bit less serious but just as interesting for companies. A few examples are a formal dance, sporting tournaments, an introduction camp, field trips and social drinks. A–Eskwadraat is open for creative ideas and activities and we take pride in organising 'out of the box' activities with our partners.



Should you be interested, or if you have any further questions, please contact the SpoCie. Together we can organise a succesful and effective collaboration for both your company and our association. We can be reached via:

telephone: 030 - 253 4499 
post: A–Eskwadraat t.a.v. SpoCie, Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht.