You can find the A–Eskwadraat room at BBL 269/270.

Route to A–Eskwadraat
Study association A–Eskwadraat
Address:Buys Ballot Laboratorium, room 269/270
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
Phone:+31 30 253 4499
Bank account:NL58 INGB 0000 6569 27
(Studievereniging A–Eskwadraat inz Fiscus)


By car

Have a look at the university website for a route. Once you are on "De Uithof" (the campus) follow the signs to Princetonplein. Parking is at the parking spaces on the map, they may charge a parking fee.

Parking at A–Eskwadraat

By bus

Take line 12 or 28 from Utrecht Central Station to De Uithof. Leave the bus at the bus stop called "Padualaan" if on line 12 and "Botanische Tuinen" if on line 28. To your right you will see a red building (The Minnaert building). Walk into the Minnaert building, go up the stairs and turn immediately right when you get in. You should enter the Koningsbergerbuilding (KBG) now. Walk straight and take a left turn, around the college rooms. Head straight for the Buys Ballot Building (BBG). Walk around the staircases to the hallways and continue until the elevators. Take the elevator to level 2 or take the staircase here. A–Eskwadraat is located at 2.69.


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