Highschool students
Highschool students

Welcome to the highschool students part of the website of studyassociation A-Eskwadraat!

Here you will be able to find information about everything the studyassociation can offer you if you decide to study Mathematics, Computer Science, Astrophysics, Information Science, Geophysics or Physics in Utrecht. By this we hope to make your decission for which university to choose simpler, because although your study is important the activities you can engage in next to it are so too.

Faculty wide introduction

Introduction 2005You will first meet A-Eskwadraat during the introduction. New students can join an introduction for their own study next to the "UIT-days" (the general introduction for the city of Utrecht). For Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Scien and (Astro)physics this is taken care of by A-Eskwadraat. The introduction consists of a camp of three days in a location outside of Utrecht and several days in the city of Utrecht itself. A-Eskwadraat's introduction is focussed on getting to know your study and most of all getting to know your classmates. That means that it is by no means an initiation: you join in for fun, not to get made fun of.
Here is the website for the introduction!


Other activities

Furthermore you can very cheaply buy the books you need for your study via A-Eskwadraat. You can order these books beforehand via the website. Nice and easy, once you're a member! The first time you do not need to do this: all freshmen can buy the standard package for their study during the introduction. On average the books you order with A-Eskwadraat are 10% cheaper than in the regular bookshops, which leaves you more money to enjoy in your already expensive studentslife.
Next to these activities the association offers numerous other fun events like social drinks, sporting tournaments, symposia, study trips and there is a weekend especially for freshmen. Apart from taking part in these activities you can ofcourse organise them yourself. By doing this you can obviously learn a lot. Even more important: it's great fun!
Studytrip 2006


On the website you can check all active committees. Next to that you can find reports of activities. If you have any questions you can always send an e-mail to info@A-Eskwadraat.nl or you can call: 030 - 253 4499.





See you during the introduction!
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